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The Indelible One

It only takes a minute with Nellie. She sees an opportunity and she goes. Not literally of course, but then again she’s not allowed out on her own. No, I mean she dives into her latest project passionately, fully, deeply.

We’re not sure if it’s fashion madness or faux pas for her most recent adventure. It depends on your point of view. Nellie transforms herself into the amazing human whiteboard. She’s her own design playground. Already she can tote up tattoo artist in her experience column. Not a bad job either given the brief spell she is on her own to create this solo work of fun and fancy. The close up of her sole demonstrates her attention to detail and her flair with the marker.

Being at work, I don’t have the joy of seeing this live. As a consolation prize, I do get to show my workmates a photo and share a good laugh about our talented and unrepentant Nellie-Rose. She is a maverick blazing her own trail. There’s a lot more in store for us. We’ll be well educated over the next few years.



The reviews are in for Nellie-Rose’s first show and we’re popping the champagne corks. If you were not one of the lucky ones to see this spontaneous event live, check a couple of these rare photos.

“A virtuoso piece for her first public exhibition.”
Sandbanks Sentinel

“Performance art as it should be practiced.”
New York Art

“An audacious use of space and materials, colour, form and symbolism ”
La Rive Gauche

“A precocious tour de force.”
Post Modern Happenings