First seen here

There have been so many firsts with the kids over the course of this finest gift parental leave wonderathon. Recent weeks are no exception. We left for Québec in June with a wobbly, gummy girl and returned home in July with a two toother who sits up by herself. Two nights ago for the first time in her young life, our Lila-Jeanne went to sleep solo in her playpen without rocking, cuddling, cajoling or cooing. There was some wailing and gnashing of the two teeth but eventually sleep won over. This is a huge breakthrough for us.

Nellie-Rose is just out of the blocks rolling on her new tricycle. She likes the mobility and the fact that she is now in league with big brother in the self propelled wheels gang. When I started this leave Nellie had just turned two. Over these few months, she’s been rocking through the changes – from high chair to the dining room table, from diapers to petites culottes (panties) and from soother heaven to cold turkey schnuliefest cutoff. The adjustments – some still ongoing – have been colourful, occasionally loud and always infused with that trademark je ne sais quoi Nelliness. By her own reckoning, she is now a grande fille and we support her in this assessment. She is also fiercely independent and can do just about anything ‘all by herself’.

Noah-David is fully engaged in soccer, his first organized sport. The coed Bumblebees play in a five team league twice a week in Eastern Passage. Parents, grandparents and sundry relatives cheer on the wee ones as they buzz around the ball moving it in fits and starts up and down the field. There is now a medal hanging from the curtain rod in his bedroom attesting to his participation in a soccer mania weekend hosted by the Dartmouth United club. I filled in for the regular coach in game 1 (a loss) and helped the coach out in game 2 (a win). Noah got his first two goals ever in organized play. He is still glowing.

This finest gift is unwrapped and well out of the box. There are just three weeks left before I return to the workplace. It’s gone by so quickly. I know I’ll be dreaming of this gift for a long time to come.

2 responses to “First seen here

  1. Good lad Noah, it must have felt nice to score the goals, keep it up

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