Wilkie’s Toy Emporium

It’s becoming a tradition to take the kids to Wilkie’s to choose a toy when they come to Sorel for a visit. I’m not sure who has more fun, them poring over all the available choices, or us watching them do so.

It’s usually about a 20 minute free for all racing up and down the aisles on the lower level while choosing and discarding a dozen different toys. This year Nellie has all her treasures bundled in her arms and lets them scatter on the floor when she gets to the top of the stairs. There is more interesting fare – a brightly coloured rake, watering can and shovel for sand adventures. Miraculously, they make it all the way to the cash register and out the door.

Noah picks a cowboy hat early on and sticks with it though there are moments of indecision. Noah is a hat boy. He’s amassing quite a collection.

Long live Wilkie’s, a child’s delight. It reminds me of Lund’s hobby and toy store in North York when I was growing up. It was always exciting to choose a surprise

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