Moving On Up to Primary

It’s just a few days before the end of the pre-school year. Kids and teachers are on stage at the Tallahasee Community School running through the graduation program. There are four or five songs and then the presentation of the diplomas.

We’re getting a sneak peek because we won’t be there on the actual day. The kids are cute as they shuffle around the stage and get prompting on the lyrics of their tunes. There are nudges, smiles and giggles as they move through the repertoire. This is their first run through with an audience.

It concludes with all the kids streaming into the auditorium then splitting up into two lines to take to the stage from stairwells opposite to each other. Our lad is the only one with a gown and mortarboard as he receives his diploma. The teachers invited us to participate in this special rehearsal.

Pre-school has been a wonderful experience for Noah. He started the year speaking virtually no English. Now he’s a conversant little chatterbox in English as well as French – taking after his father in the chatter sweepstakes as my dad points out. The teachers are top notch and create a loving, learning environment. It’s been good to meet the other parents too – many common concerns and aspirations for our kids as they move along into the school system.

Next year will be Nellie-Rose’s turn and the teachers are already looking forward to her arrival.

Thanks a bunch Tallahassee pre-school teachers. We have many fine memories of Noah’s days in your care.

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