Waka Waka Beat Girl

We’re now vibing with the Shakira World Cup Edge™ at home and on the roads of Nova Scotia. Shakira’s Waka Waka vocals along with fusion band Freshlyground drive an infectious African rhythm punctuated with war cries and a punchy chorus line.

Lila can’t get enough of it. Playing this video is now standard operating procedure if the girl is a little cranked out and it’s not hunger related. From the first flash of Zulu warriors brandishing spears and knobkerries and the opening cry, she is transported to a place we have never seen her visit before. It’s a land of dance, vocalizations and sun wide smiles.

She can listen to the song a dozen times and more (so can I) and retain her initial excitement. Curious to see if it is the video only that elicits this enthusiastic reaction, I let the song blast in the car. Our girl was thrusting her body about like a mermaid in an undersea race.

It’s a great tune that has people groovin’ all over the world and at seven months she’s let us know that this is her first number one hit. We all love to see her move. Nellie and Noah can’t stop giggling when Lila does her shaka, shaka shake to the Waka, Waka beat. Through her ears and eyes, this has become a family affair, a new anthem for a soccer summer.

Here’s the official version with the international soccer stars.

I’m not sure this would have got the same reaction from our Lila.

Noah had a tune that he put his stamp on too – Soré by Senegalese artist Diogal. This was his first dancing music at about age one. Whenever he heard it, the dance would begin.

It was dance, dance wherever he would be. Diogal was the Lord of the Dance for him you see.

Nellie loves music and dance but she hasn’t obsessed on a song yet. When she does, I’m sure it will be fun.

One response to “Waka Waka Beat Girl

  1. Waka Waka Eh eh !
    Nice song for the World Cup! It’s so cool the shakira’s version ft Freshlyground

    StarAfrica team

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