Is that a Smurf or a Schtroumpf on your Dashboard?

On the Vacancier the palest yellow of VW bugs – the new model – clean, shiny bright and loved snugs up behind us in the next lane of parked vehicles. A young boy and woman emerge and head up topside. Walking by their car, I notice a diorama of figurines, a small community of people going about their daily business.

It’s a world of Smurfs contained within a punch buggy. I can say this because we’re in Souris, PEI. Five hours later when we dock at Cap-aux-Meules, the Smurfs magically transform into les Schtroumpfs. Try and wrap that around a tongue that grew up speaking English.

They are all epoxied to the dash so there’s no fear of them tumbling overboard. This beats the bobble heads all to hell and is sure to entertain kids. This is one bug that will stick in my head for a long time. I only wish I had asked to get shots from the back and passenger seats to capture the real effect of the smurfiest bug on the planet.

Topside, Noah meets up with the young lad from the smurfmobile and they play on and off during the five hour sail. He’s on his way to les Îles for the first time. Grand-maman picked him up in Trois-Rivières to bring him for a visit.

We adults are fully entertained for a satellite feed of the Montreal – Philadelphia showdown. In the mdidle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence steaming into Québec’s waters, we are all euphoric at a stunning win by the Canadiens. We are all part of the red, white and blue camaraderie. There’s nary a Philly fan on board. At least none have declared themselves.

As my love Mé says, we’ll remember this game for a long time.

Olé, olé, olé olé……

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