Secret Weapon and Brand New Ride

Game 5, Montreal vs. Washington is a nail biter right from the first face off. Pollsters determine that 80% of Montreal fans think this is the final game. Hell no, the lads play like they are on fire. The offence rocks and the defence keeps it together stopping Ovechkin et al. As for Halak he plays like a champion.

The team has a secret weapon that helps them come out on top. Few are aware of its potency. Who would have thought that an Eastern Passage toddler would have spurred them on to such a decisive victory? Well this new fan whips them into a frenzy. We’ll be sure to have her on hand Monday night for Game 6. Hopefully she’ll work her magic again.

A huge surprise for Noah-David today – he’s now riding a brand new skateboard. Maman saw them on sale and couldn’t resist. Good call maman.

After 30 minutes tooling around on the sidewalk, he’s skating like a pro. He’s even flipping the board up into his hand after he hops off. Next stop, the bowl over on the Commons. I want so badly to try it but our lad flat out refuses. I’ll continue working on him.

This is a whole new chapter in balance, coordination, daring and of course fun.

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