Surprise me Forever

Most mornings Noah is in full stealth mode. He goes as quiet as quiet can. Moving within his own cone of silence, there is almost no noise as he cat paws it across the floor. He steps lightly downstairs unnoticed and like a wisp of breeze spirits himself into the office. “Hi,” he says barely able to contain his glee, “surprise.” I am always surprised.

Noah is warm and fresh, eyes bright after a night spent cuddling with Teddy. Into my arms he comes for a moment of still, smile, sweetness. One beat, two, three beats – a hug, a hair tousle and a quick kiss with my number one guy. This breath of now, this touch of here is a fine way to start our day together.

Some mornings there is an added surprise. Noah presents himself in the office fully dressed. He’s known how to don his togs for quite sometime but he doesn’t usually do so first thing in the morning. On these ‘all dressed’ occasions, Noah just beams. He exudes pride. He is doubly tickled pink – first with his ability to dress and then with his savvy to choose clothes. He takes the time to select favourites and do the Noah funky. He is in full sartorial splendour.

This beginning part of the day has a good feel to it. There’s the renewal of love and hugs that I never tire of. And there’s his presto, magic appearance before my eyes – full of a new day’s excited imaginings and questions. PJs or all dressed, I know I can count on a surprise each and every morning. I don’t think it gets any better than that.

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