Pucks and Popcorn

We’re all sporting our mighty tricolore jerseys – almost all that is – Lila-Jeanne doesn’t have one as yet. We need to rectify this before the next game. Noah and Nellie are up late to see the first period of les Canadiens against the Caps. They’re eating popcorn, rambling around the living room floor – freshly zambonied by Noah that afternoon using the customized features of the toy stroller – and having that peculiar kind of edgy, we’re dead beat fun.

Noah’s got his gloves on and is brandishing one of the several sticks in his collection. We need to retire it as it’s swooping through the air on a not entirely controlled journey of discovery. Off it goes to the hockey box until the morning.

Nellie gallumphs through her popcorn like a ravenous ox. Come to think of it she didn’t each much supper. As she finishes her small bowl, she looks over to me, jumps down from her seat and skedaddles over for a cuddle. Well I thought it was going to be for a little loving but her eyes betray her as she can’t pull them away from those popped kernels. Her coquettish mien is nothing but a ruse to get at my bowl of popcorn.

I let her squirrel away a few cheekfuls before making her go cold turkey following her inaugural popcorn adventure. She is so smitten that she hunts down rogue pops that have escaped from the bowls and consumes them with a smile of abandon. Just in time I catch her reaching for the unpopped kernels. I convince her that’s not the way to go.

It’s a helluva first period – end to end action, great goalkeeping and scoring chances galore. The kids are shuffled off to bed and over the next two periods we’re left to buoy our deflated spirits with a glass or two of wine.

Tonight, popcorn was the big winner. On Wednesday night we’ll be plugged in for a new game. We’ll be practicing our olé, olé and go Habs go chants hoping to help take them over the top.

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