Shinny at the Open Skate

Noah Redblader made a triumphant return to Rink 1 at Cole Harbour Place today. A chair was used only once and not as a skating support. It was just for fun to speed and twirl him around the ice three times.

We met up with another young lad who we have seen during several previous visits. He always has a granddad, a stick and a puck with him. Today for the first time we brought sticks and a puck too. Brennan and Noah hit it off as soon as they started chasing around after the black magic. They gave each other the big goodbyes when they got off the ice.

They’re getting all their hockey etiquette ironed out right down to the hugs after scoring a goal. They’ll enjoy each other’s company from now on. Brennan was accompanied by two granddads today and little brother. One of the granddads coached Sid the Kid in Bantam AAAs. Maybe we’ll hear a few good hockey stories about Crosby’s early years.

Letting go of the idea of a chair as a support required some gentle pushing. He still wanted to hang onto it today. I told him that after his great skating and hockey in Sorel, he didn’t need any support. We went around the ice together a couple of times and he put in a strong showing. From there we started to shinny down in the end zones. All of a sudden before my eyes he was receding – drifting into the near distance. He had that hip swinging, backward skating thing on the go. He didn’t go to far but it was an excellent beginning for him, one that I didn’t anticipate would happen so quickly.

We’ll head back for more on Thursday.

Noah wants to see a real game again soon too. There’s a AAA Midget series coming to town. We’ll try and get out to that.

Tonight for the first time ever, Noah laid out a hockey stick, a puck and a pair of Lego ‘skates’ in Nellie’s bedroom cupboard just like he does for himself in his own cupboard. Nellie is moving on up into the big leagues. It’s so much fun to be a part of it all…

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