on the road

eight days, one snowstorm, 1200 kilometres, two hotels, one friend’s house, two wins for the canadiens, three cities – three fast food joints – three provinces – four fill ‘er ups, frozen rivers, snowy highways, runny noses, one – ‘oh-oh we’re lost’, one, then two, then three sick kids all at once, two swimming pools, three crazy cold days, two changes of plans, 72 – ‘are we there yets?’, 27 – ‘me toos!’, 86 – ‘whys’, 131 smiles-giggles-laughs, 121 teardrops, 63 diaper changes, 11 fights over toys, 537 hacking coughs, two backyard hockey games, three sledding sorties, one batch of cupcakes, two craft sessions, five games of badminton, one snow-in-the-house activity, two frozen playground visits, two indoor playground romps, 20 outdoor hockey rink goals, one montréal canadiens practice, plenty of hugs and kisses for the kids from grand-maman and grand-papa, two bleary-eyed parents, three absolutely fantastic kids doing their best to roll with the program and, despite the fact that we’ve got nasty coughs and the occasional fever, balls and balls and balls and snowballs of winter fun……

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