Leggo my LEGO

Wheels, Wings and Wave got the crowds out to the Discovery Centre this weekend. When we left the special event for subscribed members, there was a line winding along Barrington St. waiting to get in.

Everyone came to see transportation themed LEGO creations that include the S.S. Titanic (approaching the 100th anniversary of its sinking), a space shuttle and vintage cars along with assorted trains, planes and helicopters.

There’s a Formula One car large enough for kids to sit in at the entrance. It’s sure fired to get little kids’ engines revvin’. Inside there are two six lane race tracks for legomobiles that the kids build on site. The racing ‘circuits’ are at kitty corners to each other just off the main exhibit area.

Noah was a racing fool at both stations. At the second, he assumed the starter role pulling the lever to lower the barrier that allowed the cars to start rolling down the incline. His happy smile was beaming as other racers looked to him to get things rolling. This is a fun for sure venue with the hands on racing and the gasps of wonder at the scale and precision of the incredible models.

We also met a family of three kids at the racing emporium who I had last seen on a Halifax – Ottawa flight in October. The biggest was a couple of years older than our lad. He was a sweetheart with Noah helping him reconstruct cars and opearte the race gate. Both of them had a good feeling with each other.

After about 35 minutes we mosey along to the second level to check out old favourites. There’s the big wooden truck that kids can climb in and sit behind the wheel, the sandbox with graders, dump trucks and other excellent types of heavy machinery, and the slippery and sticky at the same time bubble room.

Alexa was with us on our previous outing and tried to entice Noah into the spinning chair. It was one of her favourites as a kid. It was a convincing ‘no’ from Noah on several occasions that day. Alexa’s request must have softened him up though because he leaped into that chair and buckled his seat belt following our massive bubble fabrication party of two. It was spin city and we’re not talking politics.

We finally had to leave to go and pick up Alexa for a supper out in The Passage. I’m always happy to see her, give her a little squeeze and hear her latest news. Noah likes to tell her his own stories and play around with her cat TonTon when we drop by her place.

We’re on for at least one return visit of the LEGO exhibit. I for one would like to get in a little more racing time and go head to head with Noah – maybe a best four out of seven challenge – to determine the champion of the universe.

Thanks to the great staff who always have time to engage with the small ones and when the occasion permits to involve them in adventurous experiments like blasting off home made rockets. See you soon.

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