Time for an exhibition

Noah’s been heavy at the art today and with great results. First up is his most complex piece to date, There are figures, accompanying accessories and printing. It’s a thank you card for friends who brought each of our kids presents when they came for a visit earlier in the day.


The referee if you can’t make him out is in the lower right hand corner with two orange pucks affixed to his arms. Above the ref and to the left is the hockey player with his stick and helmet. It’s awesome.

The second drawing is simpler and titled by Noah. It is a present from him to me.


This is a tour de force, the dominant green washing across the page blocking out almost everything else. I am not sure what inspired this drawing. We played out on the lawn yesterday but most of it was under a thin coating of iced snow. Perhaps it is foreshadowing next summer’s lawnmower games. The object in the upper left hand corner is a tank. I am going to have to ask what it is doing there. Tanks are not in his general machinery vocabulary. I am little surprised to see it.

Nellie is in a strong abstract period. There’s none of that representational stuff for her. Her approach can be summarized as, ‘paper please, markers please and let me get at it’.


It will be like the art factory here over the next few years. Maybe some of it will rub off on me and I’ll be able to move on from my anemic stick figures, or let myself go on a walkabout away from representational reality. I’m not holding my breath though. But we should have lots of the kids’ stuff on hand. Digital cameras and scanners make it possible to capture virtually all the kids’ work. With digital memory as inexpensive as it is, the only real challenge is documenting the work – taking those photos and firing up the scanner. This generation of kids will be documented like no other.

The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. has some great kids’ work on line as well as suggestions for art projects.

There are also a lot of ideas at Art Attack. On your mark, get set, draw………

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